Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Michelob Dunkel Weisse

07 November 2008

So just let me get it out of the way up front, VERY funny show guys. I've been getting worried that the time slot seems to be getting smaller, and the relaxed atmosphere I always enjoyed seemed to have a hurried feel to it. Today's show was funny, especially the Banana-nose comments, and November being the correct answer worth 1 thanks guys.

THIS JUST ADDED: I've had so many e-Mail asking about it I have to top of fthe post. YES I heard Chip not know if Mad Elf is out or not. Yes Apparently "Chip the Beer Guy" is NOT reading "My The Beer Buzz" or he'd know not only when it came out, but where he can find it.

Today we confronted beer-snobbery. Beer snobbery has always made me laugh. For some reason I expect it in the wine tasting world, but never in the beer world. I picture the swirling wine glasses, pinky-fingers held high, 3-piece suits and Kentucky-derby hats...but with beer, lets face it...our reputation is more pigs-in-the-mud swilling down aluminum cans of Bud. So how did it happen? How did we create beer-snobs...and is it a good thing? Now I don't mean "is being a beer snob a good thing?", but what I do mean is, "does this say something?" Has beer finally achieved a level of craftsmanship to the point that it is worthy of snobbery. OK so that sounds funny, but think about it. Over the last 10-15 years beer has changed. Beer has undergone a revolution and suddenly it's upscale....suddenly we're competing with wine and winning, suddenly there are good enough beers that us pigs-in-the-mud can pooh-pooh bad beers. This is good, right?

For me this is where the good ends. I agree with Chip and the boys that beer drinking is about the people, and all about enjoying a good beverage with good people. When snobbery takes away from that and makes someone feel out of place or makes someone not enjoy their beverage, then it's time to call a beer-snob-foul. Sure we can talk about the finer points of beer, but it's about the people you share it with and the beer you enjoy...not who's drinking the better beer. Opinions??

Today's beer of the day ($2.50 @ Grotto WB) is Michelob Dunkel Weisse. I've actually had this beer and I can say I (and several friends) actually like it. Please turn off the snobbery and try this brew if you get a chance.

My final point of the day is about the show. As I mentioned above I've been a little worried that the show was changing, and here's my concern. I totally and completely appreciate Grotto's role in sponsoring the show AND bringing good beers to the community. The problem for me lies in the fact that the "beer of the week" now HAS to be a beer Grotto can not only get, but also a beer Grotto can sell for $2.50. Forgive my economic prowess and poor math skills, but it seems to me that this not only dictates the beer choices but severly limits them as well. This is nothing against Grotto or the guys, but I hope you can both find a way to balance what is good for the show, good for the sponsors, and also good for the listeners.
Cheers Guys....great show!

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Anonymous,  07 November, 2008 10:49  

finally, something ha been said on that subject.....

Anonymous,  07 November, 2008 11:10  

great points about the beer of the week, too many times the beers that are critiqued on the show are beers that aren't available in pennsylvania, besides not even being LEGALLY LICENSED in the state of pennsylvania.the state has laws for a reason, so how are these beers getting here; and should they even be talked about if they aren't legally available. as for the $2.50 beer of the week specials specifically; yes it is limiting the beer choices, but it seems to be about the $$$$$, in stead of about the beer.

Anonymous,  07 November, 2008 11:29  

It's not about snobbery, I'm sure the beer is decent enough (although i dont care for weiss beers) but I just dont support giving my money to A-B when their predatory pricing and push to be the ONLY beer available in markets is documented and such a part of their history. Money is power and just like i wont buy a yankees jersey to strengthen that fiefdom (I'm not a fan but admit they have good players) I wont buy or drink A-B when there are so many other good local choices available.

Call it snobbery but for working men like us the only way we can be heard, and our only power, is by what we do (or dont do) with our wallets.

mybeerbuzz,  07 November, 2008 14:39  

Anon---I'm sure it's not easy for Grotto to find abeer stey can sellf ro $2.50 to feature on the show. I suspect they'll actually have some difficulty in the future finding beers that have not already reviewed that can be found cheap enough to sell fro $2.50. I believe Chip and many others of us travel out of state to buy and try beers, but you're right Grotto can't sell those. There are plenty of great PA-legal beers out there so I doubt they'll struggle with that. I'm hoping they decide to break out of the $2.50 parameter and just say it's on special at Grotto and expand their beers.

Anon2---hadn't thought about that. But not supporting A-B as a specific choice to me is something I would not consider beer snobbery at all. I agree with your point

mybeerbuzz,  07 November, 2008 14:43  

Sorry for the typo-s...I added the previous message on my new cell phone and apparently my fingers are too fat.

Anonymous,  07 November, 2008 15:06  

Chip should consider mybeerbuzz as research for his show. Mad Elf is a huge beer locally and you posted the release dates weeks ago. Hello Chip the release dates are here, the actually release was here, and I know you even list where you can purchase it on here! Am I the only one who thinks Chip should be reading mybeerbuzz...Kudos mybeerbuzz!!!

mybeerbuzz,  07 November, 2008 15:11  

I know John Webster peeks in occasionally...perhaps Mr. Webster will pass on your required reading recommendation to Chip. Of course I agree that Chip should be tuning in...and I did chuckle a little especially since I've had a case of Mad Elf 2008 in my basement for over a week.

stingo 07 November, 2008 15:38  

Mad Elf's out? How come I didn't know??? Next thing you know they'll be talking crazy talk like putting Stegmaier Porter into sixtels... *sidles off, whistling facetiously*

mybeerbuzz,  07 November, 2008 15:45  

The next thing you know Lieb will be returning to production...wink wink

tazio 07 November, 2008 16:09  

Ya gotta drink the swill to appreciate the good stuff when you can get it. So... there's a place for all sorts of beers and types of people, to drink it and enjoy.

On the other point, I agree that beer is about people. Many of the problems of the world were solved and imaginary ones created and solved in a tavern drinking beer with your buddies. Always has been, always will be, and it pretty much doesn't get any better than that. imho

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