Lion Brewery On-Tap Locally !

21 October 2008

We've asked, and Lion was nice enough to respond. Check out the mybeerbuzz Lion Brewery page and you'll see a list of where each of Lion Brewery's beers can be found on tap locally. I think this is a great idea and I thank Leo Orlandini and the staff @ Lion Brewery for making this happen.
PS Lindo tells me the Steg porter is doing fantastic! It's almost kicked in just 4 days and he'll be keeping it on tap.

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Herr Esslinger,  21 October, 2008 15:42  

Keine party ohne Porter!

mybeerbuzz,  21 October, 2008 16:07  

Translation please....although with "party" and "porter" it can;t be all bad. Nice to meet you at 1G Oktoberfest too Herr Esslinger.

Anonymous,  21 October, 2008 16:30  

I dont see Stegmaier porter on at Pocono Brewing company, unless it is masquerading as their caramel porter house beer?

stingo 21 October, 2008 16:38  

I think the gist of it is - "No Porter, No Party"

lindosab 21 October, 2008 17:09  

my german is not that great but i think it means "No Party without Porter!"

mybeerbuzz,  21 October, 2008 17:35  

Thank you...I knew it had to be good.

leoorl44 22 October, 2008 13:35  


We plan on putting up sixtels of Porter during our next production, which most likely will be in December.

If you are interested in sixtels of Porter, please contact your local distributor and ask them to let Verrastro know. This way we can make sure we put up an adequate amount.


mybeerbuzz,  22 October, 2008 14:48  

Thanks Leo...great news. I'll bump this up to a main post just to be sure all of my readers find it.

Anonymous,  22 October, 2008 14:53  

Great news. I am definitely interested-- managed a couple sixtels of same a few years ago-- but it was a major hassle getting them here in Harrisburg. In fact, I eventually settled for driving up to selins grove (an hour away) and getting them there. I hope now that it's not a clandestine production but an actual production the distributors will be a little more aware and obliging!

leoorl44 23 October, 2008 09:12  

FYI... TGI Friday's in Wilkes-Barre is putting Lionshead on draft beginning, Friday, October 24th.

mybeerbuzz,  23 October, 2008 10:08  

Thanks Leo...I'll add that into the main list also.

Professor Bartels,  23 October, 2008 10:43  

Now, if we can just get a joint in Edwardsville to pour Bartels...

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