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11 September 2008

Just a quick note to let you all know that Sabatini's updated their draft/bott/keg lists. Just wait until you check out what Lindo has in stock now. Last one to Sab's is a rotten egg!

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sam k,  12 September, 2008 08:08  

An amazing list, but on second look, notably absent are ANY beers, either bottled or draft, from their neighbors at the Lion. Considering there are two Straub products on draft, they obviously are at least somewhat inclined to pour regionals, so why the curiously notable exclusion of W-B beers?

mybeerbuzz,  12 September, 2008 10:48  

Not sure. I suspect it may be that Lindo likes to offer beers that are rare and hard to find. Steg products are available almost anywhere locally....but that's just a guess. Perhaps Lindo will chime in.

lindosab 12 September, 2008 12:36  

we do have some bottles lion products. but all common beers do not make our bottle list. Anything that one would assume we carry we do not put it on our list. As far as draft goes; we have been trying to negotiate a deal with them for quite some time, but they never get back to us. they make exceptions for the casino bars but not for the local regular customers..we will keep on trying.. what exactly would you like to see, and are you affiliated with the brewery?

thanks for your business Lindo

sam k,  12 September, 2008 22:14  

Thanks very much for your reply, Lindo. I am absolutely not affiliated with the brewery, and to be honest, I don't live in your area, though I do pass through a couple times a year, and seeing your list here, will certainly stop in on my next trip through to check it out.

My dad worked for an entirely different PA regional (Jones, in SW PA, now closed), so I always keep an eye out for the bars that support their regionals. I'm disappointed to hear that the service you would expect from the Lion isn't being offered, and it certainly explains your decision to go elsewhere.

Thanks again for your reply, and when I stop in, I'll be sure to say Hi!


mybeerbuzz,  12 September, 2008 22:24  

I continue to crusade for Lion to pay more attention to the local market. It's troubleing to me to see Lion appear to be disconnected with our local market...and I think this is another example of that dis-connect. So how do we bridge the gap and how do we make the local market a higher priority for Lion? I'll ask these questions...

sam k,  14 September, 2008 11:11  

I must admit, though, that I worked for a Lion/Rolling Rock/Iron City distributor many years ago. I can't speak for the new ownership, but I can tell you that these people are dealing with demand from outside markets that far outstrips the lackluster local demand by a long shot. The regionals have had to deal with this local indifference to their brands for many years, which is evidenced by their slow decline in numbers over the last 30+ years.

Rolling Rock never had impressive market share in Latrobe. IC Light had a big chunk in Pittsburgh in the 70s, but other than that has had a hard time selling their beer locally and are really struggling. There are exceptions (Straub, Yuengling), but I think the same dynamic is in place around NEPA for the Lion, and it's a hard nut to crack.

They've done a good job of expanding their local potential with the Steg seasonals, and their Oktoberfest gives them a public face that can only help their local exposure. I don't know how big a sales force they have to cover multiple states, but it's tough to ignore the markets that WANT your beer in order to focus efforts locally where much more work than you might think is required to make a sale.

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