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30 August 2008

Thank you and welcome to The Beer officially participating with Welcome aboard Alan...the beer loving community Thanks you! Click HERE to go to The Beer Stop page.


Charlie's Sign of the week...8/29

29 August 2008

So it's been a little while since we've posted up one of Charlies signs. After an evening of great food and great beer @ Dugan's, I managed to remember to snap a picture. So here you go...


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Flying Dog Tire Bite Golden Ale

Today's show featured the Grotto Beer of the day Flying Dog Tire Bite Golden Ale. I initially thought the show was another rerun...listening to the guys live in Plymouth all morning and then switching gears to what was a new but recorded show was a little confusing. Fortunately after the live show featuring a hiss that sounded like I was listening in the shower, switched to the Chip show which sounded much better...I was confused. So given that today's show was relatively brief, and perhaps the best or only funny quote came off the bottle of Flying Dog itself, I thought I'd talk about the best part of the show instead of my favorite quote.

The best part of today's show was hearing all about mybeerbuzz member One Guy Brewing. It's great for me to hear our local micro-brew getting some airplay and some great (and much deserved) publicity. Turns out that Guy will be providing a keg of his Keller Bier to Chip and the guys at the last date of the Rock 107 small town tour. Turns out the mayor of Blakely will tap the first (and only) ceremonial keg. This will occur Sept 26th and also happens to be Chip's birthday. The event will take place at another member's location, Purv's Beer & More in Peckville. Mark your calendars and be sure to tune in and stop by. Thanks guys, and congratulations to Guy & Bryan....Cheers!

To hear Chip's PodCast or watch the still blurry Video CLICK HERE


Oktoberfest - Warm-up

28 August 2008

As we approach October, the marzen-style beers start to flow and the celebration begins. Locally we all know Oktoberfest for the Lion brewery celebration, but I thought you'd like a little peek at the German celebration as a warm-up for our Oktoberfest. I'll pass on a few tidbits of the next few days.

Today let's talk timing. For all the hoopla associated with Oktoberfest, in Munich the celebration is mostly over by October. Here's their schedule...

Sept. 20, 10:45 a.m.: Grand Entry of the Oktoberfest Landlords and Breweries.
Sept. 20, noon: The famous "O'ZAPFT IS" (it's been tapped): Munich mayor taps the first keg of beer."It's tapped!"
Sept. 21, 10 a.m.: Oktoberfest Costume and Riflemen's Parade.
Sept. 28, 11 a.m.: Oktoberfest bands: 400 musicians at at the foot of the Bavaria statue.

October 5th -Closing ceremonies


Good Morning America - Have a Troegs!

27 August 2008

We've finally made it big time.. Check it out....the brothers are on GMA! WAIT for's a little slow...but so am I in the morning...

Click HERE if it will not load...


Lion Brewery - 2008 Oktoberfest Line-Up

26 August 2008

Mark your calendar and dust of your Lederhosen....

Friday, October 3rd from 5 PM – 11 PM
Saturday, October 4th from 11 AM – 10 PM

5:00 PM – Open ceremony (tapping of the first keg) – Will have the Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tom Leighton, Lion Brewery Union President Clarence Gallagher and the Brew Masters
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM – Joe Stanky
8:00 PM – 11:00 PM – Music for Models
9:30 PM – Fireworks
Bill Kuklewics – strolling accordian player


11:00 AM – 1:00 PM – Joe Stanky
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM – Plus 3
4:00 – 7:00 – The 5 Percent
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM – 40 lb. Head
Bill Kuklewics – strolling accordian player

1:00 PM - Weiner Dog Races (signups are at 12 PM Sat. – 1 hr before race starts)
12:00 PM – 5 PM - Brewery Tours (first come first serve)
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM – Beer Tasting
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM – Bill Dixon “Walk Around Magic”
9:30 PM – Fireworks

Both days
-Entrance Fee - $3.00
-includes a 16 oz commemorative Oktoberfest mug or a 12 oz Lion Brewery root beer mug for kids
-No parking onsite this year. Will have designated parking lots for consumers to park. We will have shuttle buses run from the Brewery to the downtown square and back AND from the Brewery to Mohegan Sun and back.

-Rides/ games
-Food and craft vendors


Beer @ OBX

25 August 2008

I've had a few people e-Mail in asking what beer we take to the beach. Since this is a topic I see beat to death, I thought, why not me too. So without further adieu...

Here is out Beer fridge at the beach. A few warnings....this is a picture from Day 1, so it's not quite full yet (some of our beer was stuck in traffic), and you'll have to ask Mrs. Beerbuzz what those Corona Lights and limes are for.

For those that don't have magical vision I'll translate the list: Paulaner Hefe, Troegs Pale Ale, Troegs HopBack, Bells Two-Hearted Ale, Anchor Steam liberty Ale, Rogue Dead Guy, Rogue Chocolate Stout, Leinenkugels Berry Weiss, Troegs Nugget Nectar. Those were the daily on to the special bombers (note they are tucked in the back). Big Boys....Lost Abbey Inferno, Celtic Angel, Jolly Pumpkin Weizen Bam, Porter House Wrasslers XXXX Stout, Troegs Mad Elf, Herold Golden Ale, Antares Simpatico Barleywine, Leifman's Goudenband, Liefman's Kreik, Delirium Noel 2006.

I'm proud to say with 3-helpers, we managed to finish just about all of it.


Stegmaier Brewery Building

23 August 2008

I've mentioned this project previously, and I have serious doubts that there is any true "beer" news involved...but...the city of Wilkes-Barre zoning board approved the plans for the $20-million remodeling of the Stegmaier Brewing building on WB Blvd. After the $4-million grant from Governor Rendell, this is step two (of many) in the project. Now how do we get Weyerbacher, Troegs, or Victory on board....better yet how do we get Moose's Tooth to open a Wilkes-Barre brewpub? (time to get your google on!)


Chipless the Beer Guy - Rock 107

22 August 2008

In case anyone was tuning in today to read my weekly Chip review....we are apparently Chipless. I was out of town last week and for some reason Rock 107 wouldn't tun in on the beach in North Carolina (please don't even get me started on the lousy wireless down there). So I skipped last week. And today appeared to be an encore (i.e. re-run of last year's Oktoberfest show). I'll be listening next week so stay tuned for more Chip.


One Guy Brewing Newsletter - Aug 19th

19 August 2008

From Guy:

To all friends of One Guy Brewing Company:

Yesterday (August 18) marked the one year anniversary of One Guy Brewing’s first brew. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long; the whole thing still feels brand new! It has been a fun and exciting year and I want to thank everyone for the great support and enthusiasm the brewery has received.

BIG NEWS!! By popular demand, the One Guy Brewing taproom now has expanded hours! The new schedule looks like this:

Thursdays 4:30pm to 7:30pm for growler sales only, $1.00 off all growler fills!
Fridays 4:30pm to 11:00pm
Saturdays 1:00pm to 9:00pm
Sundays 1:00pm to 6:00pm

Summer is winding down which means we’re coming into beer season. I have some new beers as well as some old favorites planned for the fall, including Peach Wheat, Fest Beer, Dark Lager and India Pale Ale. The first new beer, Hondo Keller Bier, will be tapped this Friday. It’s a nicely hopped German-style lager, brewed with Pilsner and Vienna malts and German Tettnang hops, and is served in a traditional half-liter ceramic stein. The first person in the taproom who can tell me the origin of the name “Hondo” will win a One Guy T-shirt and a logo shaker glass!

The current tap list, operating hours and other news can be found here:

This is a great website for all things beer in NEPA. Bil does a great job and I keep him up-to-date with all One Guy news.

Once again, thanks to everyone for an exciting first year of brewing! It wouldn’t be possible without your support.

Cheers in beer,


Rogue Releases Double Dead Guy

18 August 2008

This is not completely new news...but Rogue has delivered yet another new ceramic-bottled ale. This time it's Double Dead Guy. and here are the specs:

Malt: 2 row, munich, c15
Hops: Boiling - Cascade (because I was out of Perle)
Aroma - Crystal (because I was out of sterling)
Specs: 19.8 Plato O.G. / 4.9 Plato T.G. / 50-60 IBUs”

In related news, I updated the Troegs page last week to indicate the relase of Scratch #13 this weekend (8/23).


Bloomberg does Brooklyn Brewing

Here's an insiders view on not only Brooklyn Brewing, but the craft brewing industry in general.

Read more... Welcomes Tally Ho Tavern

16 August 2008

Cheers and welcome to Tally Ho officially participating with Welcome aboard Scott...the beer loving community Thanks you! Click HERE to go to the Tally Ho Tavern Page

Read more... Off to Weeping Radish

09 August 2008

This week mybeerbuzz (& Mrs. Beerbuzz) will be on vacation. I apologize for the lack of any updates or posts this week, however I can't pass up a trip to the Weeping in leiu of any updates I'll be dropping a litre of Black Radish and toasting the mybeerbuzz family.

I will have internet access and I will apply any updates you e-Mail in....


Stegmaier Bottling Building - Micro?

08 August 2008

In case you missed it yesterday, Governor Rendell was in the WB to drop off some cash. Now how does this relate to beer you ask? Well it probably doesn't, but we can hope and perhaps dream. Part of the governor's cash was $4-million to go to the development of the Stegmaier Bottling building on Wilkes-Barre Blvd. From what I understand this $4-million is part of a $20-million Wilkes-Barre City/Greenspace joint project to convert the former Stegmaier Bottling plant. And what are we converting it to. Well as much as I'd like to say a Micro-brewery, sadly I cannot. So far it looks like commercial (i.e. office) space, and residential space (how cool would it be to live in a former brewery). According to the plan, this includes 47 apartments, an art gallery, fitness room, parking areas, retail space and a "restaurant." So did you catch that little glimmer of hope I put in quotation marks. Hopefully we'll see someone make the obvious connection between a restaurant in a former brewery complex and say...hey, what a crazy idea....maybe a brewery themed restaurant...and while we're really crazy....maybe a brewery restaurant should have...hmmm...Beer!....and maybe a brewery (where they brew beer) should perhaps (fasten your seat belts) ...brew their own beer.

On a serious note, we're a long way off. I understand they still have to clear Lincoln St behind the bottling building...but lets start now. Stegmaier Bottling works needs to have a micro-brewery in it. Hello Lion, Troegs, Weyerbacher, Victory, Stoudts, SlyFox, General Lafayette, One Guy, Bavarian Barbarian, Bullfrog, Selinsgrove and any other micro that may be listening. We are a BIG market for beer and this seems to be the golden opportunity to put a micro in WB where it should be.....home again in the Stegmaier Brewery complex.

So who's in?


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Troegs Hopback

Today's show quickly went "down under" again, and as much as everyone enjoyed the Krikees, the dingos and the arse jokes, I'll try to please all the Sheila's out there and avoid the Aussie-speak. Truth be told I'm about 8-hours away from laying on the beach for a week and I'm already sliding into vacation-mode. Today the boys (this term of course affectionately includes Ruthie) tasted three more Aussie gift beers...Matilda Bay Redback Wheat, Matilda Bay Beez Neez Honey Wheat and Gage Road Lager, and apparently they loved them. Perhaps the only exception was the "smoked-almond" taste they picked up in the Redback.

Now oddly enough, the real beer of the day was one of my favorites and one of the first beers I've ever heard Ruthie really not care for. Now I'll admit that I personally love Troegs Hopback Amber, and I'll admit it's one of the beers that I'll be drinking as I lay on the beach (did I mention that was in heading for the beach in about 8 hours!), but I was shocked to hear Ruthie not like it at all. Oh well...I guess perhaps hoppy beers are not her favorites, and I certainly agree with her on fruity-beers...but my beloved Hopback? have forsaken me!

Anyway....quote of the day has to go to Dave....after insulting Aborigines worldwide he decided to complete the dis-respect and say he loves their "Aborigine & Fitch clothing."

Cheers guys...very funny...and I will miss next weeks show (did I mention the beach), so please try not to be funny. Maybe one of my readers can contribute next weeks review...

To hear Chip's PodCast or watch the still blurry Video CLICK HERE


Sneak Peek - DFH Theobroma

07 August 2008

Theobroma is a new Imperial Stout that Dogfish Head will be releasing soon. As I've said previously, this promises to be a real interesting cocoa-infused stout. Based on the DNA found in ancient mayan pottery, this beer is an attempt to replicate the oldest known chocolate beverage.

It was initially scheduled for Aug, but now the bottling has been delayed until Sept so I thought you'd want a peek at the label.


Chip the Beer Guy - Birthday Party @ Purvs

05 August 2008

Mark your calendars!

On Friday Sept 26th, the Rock 107 Daniels & Webster small-town tour will visit our mybeerbuzz member Purv's Beer & More for the final tour date. This date is also Chip the Beer Guy's birthday. mark your calendar an schedule your day off!

From John Webster:
The last stop on the D&W Small Town Tour schedule for this summer is Friday, September 26th when we'll be at Purv's Beer & More on Main Street in Peckville.Why am I jumping ahead almost two months to tell you about that? Because that day not only will we be wrapping up the Small Town Tour for the summer but we'll also be celebrating Chip the Beer Guy's birthday!

So put two and two together.A couple of months should be plenty of advance notice to get the day off work because I know you'll want to join us at Purv's Beer and More for a four hour radio birthday extravaganza! Just a little heads-up. Here to help!


Rogue Grows it's Own...

03 August 2008

From Rogue:

Rogue Grows it own:
Rogue Nation has expanded, adding a Department of Agriculture to oversee its farms in 2008. The Rogue Hop Farm is on the Willamette River, south of Independence, Oregon on the former John Haas Alluvial Hop Farm. Four varieties are now being planted on 22 acres with an initial harvest in 2009.
The four varieties are Perle, Sterling, Horizon, and Centennial. The hops will be processed and bailed on the farm. A webcam went live this week which you can view on the new website on the locations page.

In 2008 a fresh hop beer will be available from the farm. The Rogue Nation Postal Service will issue a commemorative stamp marking the occasion.

In 2009 Rogue will create an all Oregon product using Oregon hops and malt from their farms, yeast from Wyeast in Hood River, and Oregon Free Range Coastal Water, in commemoration of Oregon's 150th Birthday.


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Weyerbacher Blanche Down Under

01 August 2008

Just to eliminate the confusion here, Grotto will not be serving Victoria Bitter or Crown Lager today. Instead the "official" beer of the day is Weyerbacher's do stop down and get your $2.50 Weyerbacher @ Grotto Wyoming Valley Mall today. Very nice drinkable Belgian Wit. So now on with the show....

G'Day mates. Our beer of the week is what the Aussies call "Australia's favourite full strength beer" which comes in at a wooping 4.8% ABV...krikee...that's not strong at all. Blimey, with that sort of bevvy, you and your mates can enjoy a plenty of amber fluid with the 'roos and dingos until your A over T. be a good bloke and throw another shrimps on the barby and tip the VB until you act the goat and fall on your arse, ay?

OK enough on to my favorite quote of the day. Today was easy....Ruth's Crown Lager quote wins hands down. "It's just like a domestic lager once you get by the smell."

Very funny as always...Cheers guys (and Ruthie)...

To hear Chip's PodCast or watch the still blurry Video CLICK HERE


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