Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Ommegang Hennepin Saison

18 July 2008

I'll keep this short & sweet so you have time to run to Grotto. Loved the show, loved the beer, but if Grotto is really selling Ommegang Hennepin Saison for $2.50 a bottle...I need time to run out the door NOW!

By the way that's my favorite quote of the day...."Ommegang Hennepin for $2.50"

I've removed my disclaimer...Upon further checking it appears as though Grotto Pizza Wyoming Valley Mall WILL be selling 12oz Ommegang Hennepin bottles today (7/18) for $2.50!

So for my real review I just wanted to say John's comment of "When I smell it I want to hug everyone" really made me laugh. Cheers Guys...great show...

To hear Chip's PodCast or watch the still blurry Video CLICK HERE

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stingo 18 July, 2008 12:07  

If a local outlet's selling Hennepin, I'd suggest anyone/everyone go there and get some. Then again it's one of my all-time favorite beers, as well as my favorite summer beer. Thankfully, I've a sixtel of it waiting in the wings for the current Lancaster Milk Stout to kick.

mybeerbuzz,  18 July, 2008 14:17  

I'm going to double that Hennepin-vote and also confirm that Yes for today only (7/18) Grotto Pizza Wyoming Valley Mall location IS seling 12oz Hennepins for $2.50. I'm also sure a few of us here would be happy to help kick that pesky Milk Stout...

stingo 18 July, 2008 14:40  

I'll bet y'all would too. To give Lancaster its due, their Milk Stout is a delicious beer too. But since I know it's toward the end of its life, I might consider it to move the Hennepin, in favor of the Oktoberfest I'd want for September/October (jeez, how time flies, and how fortunate we are to live in such a great beer producing region).

mybeerbuzz,  18 July, 2008 14:48  

Time flies when you're drinking beer. Doesn't each beer-year count as 7 real years or am I thinking of cats?

stingo 18 July, 2008 14:58  

In a way it doesn't matter, does it?

For those (like me) who REALLY like the Hennepin, and those 12 oz'ers Grotto is selling only whet your appetite for more, I note that Plaza Beverage is listing that, and 3 Philosophers as new arrivals. Go. Buy. Enjoy.

mybeerbuzz,  18 July, 2008 15:19  

You are fast...I just posted the Plaza Beverage updates minutes ago or is that hours ago in beer-years...who knows?

---Guy,  18 July, 2008 19:05  

Unfortunately the $2.50 Ommegangs were in fact too good to be true. I walked in, said to the bartender "I understand you have a good price today on Ommegang". That drew a completely blank stare. So I said "the Chip the Beer Guy beer". She said "Oh, we're not doing that today".

But I did finally try a beer I've seen around a lot, Ithaca Apricot Wheat. Not something I'd normally order as I'm not a big fan of apricot, but it was rather tasty.

sam k,  18 July, 2008 20:47  

ALL VERY NICE! You are producing a great blog here! Lot's o' fun!

mybeerbuzz,  18 July, 2008 23:43  

Wow I'll let the guys know. That's dissapointing for sure. Thanks for letting me know.

mybeerbuzz,  18 July, 2008 23:47  

Thanks Sam....stay tuned...I plan to be way funnier tomorrow!

stingo 19 July, 2008 16:18  

Dang, sorry to hear that. I'm surprised Wegmans doesn't stock Ommegang, esp considering they're a NY brewery and all.

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