Beer & Taxes...Recession-Proof Beers?

30 May 2008

As I watch my tax-stimulus check come in one door and go right out the other door to cover my new property tax assessment increase, I started thinking. Personally, with the economy in the crapper, and the cost of everything from gas to bread going through the roof, my initial thoughts are all about why Luzerne Co chose NOW to put the "ass" in assessment. Once I decided to exhale and let that go, I started thinking what I suspect most of you did when your assessment letter arrived, Boy do I NEED a beer! Well of course beer prices are up too, so what's a guy (or girl) to do? Find an economical beer. Let's put our collective beer-heads together and come up with some recession-proof beers. As far as criteria, I'll put out that we're not looking at just cheap or low-taste beers like Natural Light or Old Bohemian. Lets see what we can come up with for beers that have great taste, drinkability, and more than a little ABV to kill off the assessment-flu AND a great local price (please include location and price).

I'll throw out one, and keep in mind creativity is rewarded here. My contribution will be $29 per case 2007 Sierra Nevada Celebration @ Pikes Creek Beverage. Great price, great beer, 7.2%ABV and ages wonderfully. I'm sure the Stegmaier beers will come in sub-$30, but I haven't noted any local prices myself so I'll leave that to someone else. I'm also pretty sure some of our member distributors will have some interesting suggestions that I haven't thought of either. OK recession-beer-hunters and mubeerbuzz members....Lets hear it...please Comment in your suggestions!


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Tommyknocker Ornery Amber

Today's Chip the Beer Guy show on Rock 107 featured mostly-meats. Angus burgers, fresh baked rolls....oh yea and beer. The beer of the week was Tommyknocker Ornery Amber Lager (Courtesy of Purvs Beer & More). This is a beer I have not tasted myself, but I'll admit it sounded pretty good, for a Lager that is. So what exactly is a Tommyknocker you ask....well according to Chip's research staff they are sometimes mischievous, sometimes helpful and are described as "short in stature, standing only 2 feet tall, wore colorful shirts, had wrinkled kindly faces with large heads." Clearly Webster MAY be a Tommyknocker (you be the judge).

As far as my favorite quote of the day, as much as I enjoyed the Jefferson Davis/'Weezie reference and the "I like my meats fresh (fill in your own Beavis & Butthead Laugh here)", I really have to go for Webster saying he's a "Tall Tommyknocker."

On a side note. I'm always wondering if I'll recognize Chip should I cross his path. After watching the videos, I'm pretty sure that as long as I've had a beer (or three) and forget to wear my glasses, I'm sure I'll recognize his blurry image. Always funny guys......Cheers!

To hear Chip's PodCast or watch the blurry Video CLICK HERE
UPDATE: Be VERY careful how you type "tommyknocker" in a Google Image search!


Drink Beer, Lose Weight & Win a Medal. The Rogue Olympics

28 May 2008

Rogue Press Release:

Nationwide...Pub Olympic anticipation of the US Olympic Track and Field Team Trials in Eugene this summer, Rogue will gather the best beer drinking athletes for the inaugural Pub Olympics Trials.The Trials for the Pub Olympics will be held the weekend of May 23-31 at participating Rogue retailers across the nation and globe, and at Eugene City Brewery and at Rogues Brewery in Newport (where Brewers on the Bay is located), Issaquah Brewhouse, Rogue Distillery and Public House in Portland, and the Rogue Public Houses in Astoria and San Francisco. Events will include tricycle races, walk dont spill, bung toss, fishing, boxer taste test, keg roll and who knows what else... 1 winner from each trial location will be eligible to attend the Olympic Finals and awards ceremony the weekend of June 20-22 in Eugene and Newport, Oregon.

OK I will 'fess up. I've secretly been training for this event for the last 24 years. Wish me luck.


Drink Beer & Lose Weight - The Lew Bryson Diet

27 May 2008

So you think drinking beer and losing weight are opposing goals. Well maybe not. With all credit to Lew Bryson, Ale St News (and perhaps Ceske Krumlov)...check THIS out.


Wegmans has beer.....

24 May 2008

For those that have been following along....Wegman's Marketplace in Wilkes-Barre (and Dickson City) are now selling beer. The selections sound pretty decent, and I'm hearing they will be adding coolers soon. There is a limit of 2 sixers per customer, and you do have to check out at a special register in the Marketplace, but this is a step in the right direction. Look for local beers like Stegmaier, Weyerbacher, Troegs, Appalachian Brewing Co, and Victory Brewing, and a few decent national beers too.

Read more... - Beer Find

This weeks beer find comes from Coopers in Pittston. I may be biased or blinded by my love of Kriek beers. And I'll admit that I still mourn the loss of Liefmans Glühkriek. ...but...this weeks beer find is Kasteel Rouge on draft. I've had it in bottles, but on draft it is wonderful. It's also available locally @ Coopers in Pittston. Stop by and try a snifter and let me know what you think.

UPDATE: Lindo tells me he also has Kasteel Rouge in bottles @ Sabatinis...stop in and take some home too...


AB versus InBev..the Great NoLongerAmerican Lager?

23 May 2008

How long can the "Great American Lager" remain American. Well, stay tuned. As the US dollar drops against the Euro, beverage giant Inbev is making what can only be described as a "hostile" takeover of Anheuser-Busch. Check it out...

Wall St. Journal

Financial Times

The research...


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Lancaster Amish 4-Grain Pale Ale

Today's Chip the Beer Guy blurry-cam "focused" (I couldn't resist) on Chip's personal crop of Hops. As much as I'd like to make fun of this, I grow Hops myself so I have no room to poke fun. And yes my Centennial and Fuggles are doing well. Once the farming report was over, the show moved to the beer of the week. Today's beer was Lancaster Amish Four Grain Pale Ale. This Pale Ale features oats, wheat, rye & barley and comes in at 5.6% ABV with a low IBU of 28. Perhaps the funniest part of the show was calling Dave's mom. Turns out 4-grain ale is Dave's Mom's favorite beer AND the "quilters choice". It's also one of the many contract brews made here by our member Lion Brewery.

On an unrelated note, Chip did mention the new Tipsy Turtle on Owen St in Swoyersville. Turns out they have 24 taps with things like DFH India Brown Ale, Anchor Liberty Ale and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Looks like we'll have to see if they're interested in joining mybeerbuzz.

I was very close to naming the quote of the week as "The Quilters Choice", but it was no contest when Webster asked, "Can you smoke hops?"

Thanks guys...always funny and always blurry...

To hear Chip's PodCast or watch the blurry Video CLICK HERE


Molson/Coors to provide "gas" to fuel the Democratic National Convention

22 May 2008

Seriously....I couldn't have written a funnier headline if I tried. Molson/Coors is not only the official beer of the Democratic National Convention, but they'll also be donating the E85 gas created from waste beer (must resist joke about how you can tell if Coors beer is good or waste...) to fuel the vehicles at the DNC. I know everyone is already filling in their own jokes about converting beer to gas or about the DNC already having enough gas on their own...but Click Here for the article.


Grolsch gone from the US...sort of...

21 May 2008

For those that drink the popular Dutch ceramic topped Grolsch...Anheuser‑Busch has ceased importation of Grolsch into the US....BUT SABMiller, parent company of Miller Brewing has now acquired Royal Grolsch NV (2nd largest Dutch brewery after Heineken) and will be importing the Grolsch brand into the US again.


Bavarian Barbarian Memorial Day SALE...

20 May 2008

With gas prices up and more and more people staying home for the holiday, Mike Hiller @ Bavarian Barbarian Brewing in Williamsport has decided to put Kegs & Growlers on sale for the holiday weekend.

Check out the Bavarian Barbarian page for details, and on a related note, it looks like Coopers in Scranton has a keg of Bavarian Barbarian Hammerin' Ale on tap now.

UPDATE: Mike tells me that Connors Grill Room in Dallas may still have a keg Hammerin' Ale on tap


Mmmmm.....Dog Beer...

You've heard of flying-dog, sea-dog, fat-dog...and I'm sure we've all heard of "hair of the dog"...but now there's Dog Beer. An that's Dog Beer as in beer for your dog. Who knew a real beer is bad for your puppy? Mmmm this sounds good....smells like beef, tastes like beer and has no alcohol. Who could ask for more?

Click here for the fun.

Read more... Welcomes Coopers Scranton

19 May 2008

Cheers and welcome to Coopers Seafood Restaurant officially participating with Welcome aboard guys...the beer loving community Thanks you! Click HERE to go to the Coopers Scranton page.

Read more... Welcomes Coopers Pittston

18 May 2008

Cheers and welcome to Coopers Seafood Restaurant officially participating with Welcome aboard guys...the beer loving community Thanks you! Click HERE to go to the Coopers Pittston page.


Weyerbacher Special Event & New Beers June 13th

15 May 2008

Weyerbacher Press Release:

June 13th from 5 to 8 p.m. only, stop in at the brewery for a first of its kind event at Weyerbacher. The debut of several new beers will occur this night, with all brewers present and free samples of each new brew. Samples at this event will only be given on these new highlighted beers and nothing else. For samplings on our other brews, stop by any Saturday between Noon & 3 p.m..

This special event will also feature these beers for purchase (no surprise) and a sellout could occur as numbers are extremely limited. You’ll be able to purchase our regular beers as well, but we’re keeping the sampling to these special beers only, one sample of each per person maximum allowed. And the beers are:

Thirteen: This years anniversary ale, a hyper, Belgian inspired Imperial Stout clocking in at 13.6% abv, but incredibly balanced, smooth, and tasty. Thirteen will ship out July 1, but you can taste and purchase it at this special event.

Riserva: Over a year in the making, this American Wild Ale is fermented with Brettanomyces yeast and aged with red-raspberry puree in Oak barrels for over 1 year, then bottle conditioned in champagne bottles. This beer is incredible and will be a bit pricey to purchase at $145 per case of 12, only at the brewery. We’ll only have 50 cases of this one to sell in house, and another 50 to ship out to a few select wholesalers. That’s it until next year.

Alpha: First in our new series of Brewer’s Choice one-offs, Alpha is a bottle conditioned Belgian Pale Ale at 6.2%. Most of this batch was kegged for Philadelphia & Pittsburgh wholesalers, we’ll have only 20 cases to sell at this event.

Cork ‘n’ Cage Merry Monks: 750ml Champagne bottle. Technically not a debut as shipments to wholesalers began this week, but we’ll have 50 cases available for sale at this event. Same recipe as the 12 oz., but bottle conditioned to higher carbonation levels in this heavier bottle. Exquisite!.

We hope you can join us on the 13th, any remaining beer from the event will be sold on Saturday the 14th at normal Visitor Center hours. Cheers!


Tröegs Commercials? Even MORE!

You be the judge...Click Here

Wait...what about THIS one (perhaps not safe for work NSFW)

OK and after Lew's comment I thought I better add THIS one.

So now that this is completely out of hand...Check out THIS....wait one about THIS.

I guess these make THIS a little boring...


New Bottles & Updated Menu @ River St Ale House...

13 May 2008

Be sure to check out the River St Ale House page. Not only have they added some exciting new bottles, but I also understand Dave is unveiling his new menu this week. Click Here to go to the River St Ale House Page.


A visit to Plaza Beverage

12 May 2008

I stopped by to visit Charlie @ Plaza Beverage in Pittston last night and I was pleasantly surprised. Let me make this simple...Plaza Beverage has a great selection of beers, and new beers rolling in all the time. A few noteables I saw: Blanche de Bruxelles, Atwater Java Vanilla Porter, Breckenridge Agave Wheat, Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA, Bear Republic Racer 5, Victory Baltic Thunder, Troegs Sunshine Pils, Sierra Nevada Bigfoot, St Bernardus Abt 12, Stegmaier Midsummer White and many many more. Charlie can also get just about anything you're looking for, so don't be afraid to ask. If you haven't been there yet, be sure to stop up and visit Plaza Beverage and you'll be pleasantly surprised too.


First there was Simcoe...and next Citra?

About 2 years ago the beer-world started buzzing about the brews coming out that were using the new hop variety called "Simcoe." Simcoe, a tree-based hop, was trademarked by Select Botanicals Group about 8 years ago and has slowly seeped into many of today's ultra-hoppy brews. Locally we saw Troegs Nugget Nectar (93 IBU) feature Simcoe hops and more prominently Dan Weirback of Weyerbacher brewed up a Double Simcoe IPA with a claimed (but unpublished) IBU number approaching 3-digits. Apparently Simcoe hops are very susceptible to disease, and the yield over an acre is very low. Lately, this has lead to shortages and lower production of Simcoe.

So what's next? Well you heard it here first. Stay tuned for "Citra." Actually this new hop variety was just introduced at the Wold Brewing Congress in early April 2008. Citra is characterized as a "special aroma" hop variety and is supposed to release a citrus or tropical-fruit like aroma. Stay tuned for the Citra-based beers...supposedly Sierra Nevada has one in the works now.


Special Victory Brews...

For those that have patiently awaited the re-opening of Victory's brewpub in Downingtown, the wait is over and the doors are open. To commemorate the grand re-opening, Victory has brewed several special beers, some of which are on-tap now. The brewery is currently featuring Wild Devil (a wild yeast version of Hop Devil), Ten years Alt (a hoppy Alt-style dark-ale) and Abbey 6 (a mild Belgian Pale Ale). All three beers are limited quantity and all three are receiving great reviews, so don't miss out.


Grotto Pizza Beerfest 2008

10 May 2008

I've had a few readers asking about the first annual Grotto Beerfest. I just returned from the event and here are the details. It seemed to be hosted by at least three local distributors. Since most weren't really advertising inside the event, I'm basing the list on my parking lot distributor-van observations. My apologies if I miss anyone. It seems to have been United Beverage, L.T. Verastro and Northeast Beverage. As far as beers they had about 13, which included Leinenkugel's (Sunset Wheat, Berry Weiss & Shandy), Peroni Lager, Landshark Lager, Shocktop Belgian Wit, Bud Light Lime, Michelob Amber Bock, Ithaca Apricot Wheat, Blue Moon, Franziskaner, Sam Adams Summer Ale, Magic Hat #9, and Sam Adams Seasonal. It was small for sure but the crowd seemed to love it. My understanding was the weather prevented it from being outside, which I think would have helped. Everyone attending received tickets for about 15 free beers, and the admission was free. Rock 107 also broadcast live earlier in the evening. All in all a nice start to an event that I hope to see repeated next year...perhaps in warmer weather and perhaps with more beers. Thanks to everyone involved.


Charlie's Sign of the week...5/9

09 May 2008

Consider this the first (or second if you count the sign) in my new series..."Charlie's sign of the week." I always love Charlie's signs, and this week is no exception. I apologize for the cell phone camera and yes it was dark out. Stay tuned for more signs and better yet, stop by Dugan's and see them for yourself. Click Here to go to Charlie's page.


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Breckenridge Agave Wheat

The big news today on Chip the Beer Guy is.....Video! Now you can not only listen to the show on podcast, but also stare blindly at the blurry moving images that appear to be people drinking beer. Hopefully this will get better, but for now you'll have to be satisfied with seeing a blurry image of one half of Chip, filmed from what appears to be a mile down the hallway. Well enough camera's show featured Breckenridge Brewery's Agave Wheat. I keep picturing a shot of Petron dropped in a pint of Paulaner, but the brew does sound interesting. It's a 4.2% ABV and of course a low IBU of 9, brewed with Fuggle, Cascade & Willametter hops and Pale, White Wheat, Torrified Wheat, Carapils, Caramel and Munich malts. I really thought the conversation about how Chip's show was driving people toward hoppier beers, right as the price of hoppier beers are going through the roof was funny. Think of it as Chip's economic stimulus. I was also happy to hear them mention two of our members (Purv's and Plaza Beverage) in the show. Today's favorite quote was a tough choice. I was leaning toward, "beer prices are up so adjust your budget accordingly", or maybe even "beer is cheaper per gallon than gas"...but in the end I had to go with "anyone can choke down just one" nobody wastes a beer.

Cheers guys! Entertaining as always.

To hear Chip's PodCast or watch the blurry Video CLICK HERE


Guy Does Cask...

07 May 2008

This weekend Guy Hagner is tapping his new Pale Ale, and in a One Guy Brewing first, it will be Cask Conditioned. Based on Guy's description, this one should be yummy so don't miss out. For more details, Click Here to go to the One Guy Brewing Page.

:: I've also added Guy's latest newsletter to the One Guy brewing page...


Harrisburg Brewers Fest - June 21st 2008

The 5th annual Harrisburg Brewersfest will be held in the area of Locust and 3rd St in downtown Harrisburg on June 21st. The even is sponsored by Tröegs brewing Co and benefits the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Central PA. There are two sessions (12PM-3:30PM and 5PM-8:30PM) and the ticket sales will be limited to 2600 per session. Tickets are $35 in advance and $40 at the gate. This even features over 35 breweries, including many of our own participants such as Tröegs and Bavarian Barbarian.

Click here for more info


New meaning to the term "PBR me"...

05 May 2008

Fill in your own caption, and Yes that's a casket!


Victory is ours...

03 May 2008

For those that have followed the renovation of the Victory Brewing brewpub in Downtingtown, PA; there is finally some good news. This multi-month project that included one "dry" month, is coming to an end. Victory Brewing will re-open the doors of the fully-restored brewpub on Wed. May 7th. The Grand Opening will also include some special beers like a "Wild" version of Hop Devil and a few surprise beers to be named later. If you haven't followed along with their on-line pictures Click Here to check them out. This promises to be quite an amazing place to eat and drink.

Read more... adds RSS Feeds..

02 May 2008

Want to know when content is added to ? Subscribe to one (or more) of our RSS feeds and be the first to know. I've now added a separate RSS feed for the main as well as each establishment's page. Look for the orange RSS feed chicklet on the bottom right of any page. Click on it to subscribe. For help check out our FAQ page.


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